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Roger Dubuis Replica

Roger Dubuis Replica, like its supercar rivals Bugatti, Porsche and other brands, has collaborated with a variety of watchmakers over the years. It is impossible to escape the passion that enthusiasts of both cars and watches share. Any dial bearing the Roger Dubuis Replica name will appeal to a wide range of people, regardless of whether they own a Roger Dubuis Replica.

Roger Dubuis Replica enthusiasts have two categories of timepieces to choose from: the oddities and rarest vintage models, and the official serial production, factory-endorsed, high-end models. Girard-Perregaux was the first to introduce the main collection, followed by Panerai in the 21st Century, and finally Hublot.

A third category of models is available from various sources, and they are mainly inexpensive. This includes the current Scuderia Roger Dubuis Replica quartz range, for example. Chronographs are available for PS179 (Roger Dubuis Replica). These items are not included in this category, but it is reasonable to assume that completers would buy anything with a Prancing Horse Logo.

The trend of commercial agreements between watch houses, car manufacturers and watch retailers created the now familiar category of licensed co-branded watches offered by watch retailers. Roger Dubuis Replica is a motorsport-oriented company, so it's inevitable that the company would commission great watchmakers to produce bespoke or limited edition pieces.

These rare items could have been given to deserving employees, clients or drivers. It is safe to assume that Roger Dubuis Replica-related watches are included in this category. These would be given as gifts, particularly for winners. The Roger Dubuis Replica logo was also featured on a now collectible Omega collection for this exact purpose. The brand made a few stainless steel time-and date Dynamics for the Roger Dubuis Replica Team in 1972. They had a red dial with the Prancing Horse, and "Roger Dubuis Replica", printed in white above the 6 o'clock position.Sinn Replica It was fitted with a bracelet and powered by the 21 jewel automatic Calibre 1401, which came in a special aluminum box. They are available at auction for around EUR 1500-EUR 2000.

Omega chronographs from the "The Legend" collection of F1 champion Michael Schumacher are a bit more peripheral but, spiritually, they're considered Roger Dubuis Replica wristwatches. The Speedmaster was the basis for a multitude of watches that were produced continuously from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. The availability of the series coincided, therefore, with Schumacher's championship years as a Roger Dubuis Replica driver.