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When I met Richard Mille Replica two years ago at the SIHH in Geneva, our conversation veered into a discussion of alternative carbon fiber manufacturing processes, which were not yet used in watchmaking. It was the first hint he had given about C-SMC, or carbon fibre sheet moulded Composites.Best Replica Watches The technology is also known as CF-SMC. When Richard Mille Replica announced their partnership with Lamborghini at this year's SIHH, my eyes lit up in recognition of the technology that was being discussed.

As they near the end of the first year, the brand has decided to talk about the new partnership that was announced in October. We sat down with Bruttin to discuss this technology, what he's learned from Lamborghini's designers, and how creative collaborations like these need to come from the very topwithouthesitation.

The Pirelli watch, which is made from the inner rubber tubes used in the racecar tyres of the winners, is a unique twist on the usual motorsport inspired timepiece. What races do you use to create the watches?

We selected some Richard Mille Replica around the world, and asked for the winning tyres of these specific races. The first is the Monaco race and the second is Singapore.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Two other races are held in China and America. These races were chosen because they are the most famous, iconic and memorable competitions.

How should inner tubes be prepared for use?

We have developed a process for this. The smell from the tyres isn't great after the race, and Formula 1 tires are actually a mix of seven types of rubber that are not all suitable for skin contact over a long period of time. We have to turn the tubes into powder, which is then used for the strap. We are very protective of the process, as we do not want another firm to use it. Each watch comes with a certificate stating the number of tyres used.