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The conversation began with Mr Pontroue, the former CEO of U-Boat Replica Watches. We had a meeting with Pirelli, because we wanted them to work with us. U-Boat Replica Watches finds it fascinating to work with experts from different fields. Pirelli is a leader in rubber research and development. We wanted to create a new rubber band for the brand. He wanted the tyres after seeing the racecars finish at the line. We use three types of rubber in our strap. This is how we colored the straps.

In an interview two years ago, you mentioned the possibility of CF SMC (Replica Watches) in watchmaking. Was the partnership with Lamborghini already in place at that time?

[Laughs] Carbon is a fascinating solution and process. We do not want to make a watch just for the sake of making a sensationalist claim. In an interview I had with a journalist, he asked what the weight was of [Aventador] and Huracan watches. Such statistics don't interest me. C-SMC, which is lighter than steel but warmer, would be a great solution for a durable and comfortable watch. We think that the properties of C-SMC are ideal for watchmaking.

Back then, however, you had not made any watches using CF-SMC. What are some of your challenges or benefits that you've experienced using SMC?

Its lightness is its main advantage when it comes to the technical components of the movement. It increases performance by up to 100%. It offers amazing performance in certain functions, particularly when it comes down to operations that need speed, such as the stop hammer on the chronographseconds hands. We've had to overcome the biggest challenge of using very thin components. The resistance is low because of this. It is also very elastic.IWC Da Vinci Replica It is great for shock resistance.