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When did you and Ulysse start working together?

Funny enough, it's all thanks to kitesurfing. Patrick Pruniaux is the CEO of Franck Muller Replica and he also kitesurfs. We have a mutual friend. Patrick Pruniaux was told about me by my friend, and we talked on the phone for a while about kitesurfing. We met up in Le Locle, and I went to the factory. I realized how much we have in common. We share a past and love for the oceans, navigation at sea and all types of sailing. Even the logo speaks to mariners. The fact that we shared so many things was exciting. I'm sure I can count them on in the future.

What attracted you to Franck Muller Replica in particular?

You can be sure that the brand is of high quality because it's a global brand with a long history in watchmaking and a strong association with the ocean. My choice is largely influenced by the people who are involved. It's unlikely that it would have happened if Patrick hadn't been there.

What watch do you wear today?

The Deep Diver. The watch is aesthetically stunning,Franck Muller Replica but it's also very robust with the hammerhead details. I'm confident I can wear it to break records with no worries.

What impact has being a record-holder had on your sport and you?

Recordings give me a real boost. Before, I did this only for fun. I earned money as a way to fuel my passion for the sport. Now, I am able to live from my passion. I am lucky to have loyal long-term collaborators, such as Ulysse, who are involved in a true collaboration. This is all because of these albums.

What other records do you want to break?

This summer, I will attempt to set a new kitesurfing world record. I want to reach 110km/h. My record right now is 107.36km/h. I am also preparing for the KiteSpeed World Championships in Oman, which will take place in August.

What would you say to a young athlete who wanted to be a professional kitesurfer?

Visit a kitesurfing specialized school. They can teach you how to do it safely. In my little town, I was the only one who had ever kitesurfed. Now, three kitesurfing clubs have a few hundred students and members. Initially, there were just four or five of us who began professionally. Now, we number over 200.Omega Replica Watches More importantly, however, I would advise them to remain humble when facing nature. Your relationship with the natural world is crucial to this sport. Wind and water are both powerful elements, and can change quickly. Keep your head down and don't think that you will always win. Sometimes, nature wins.