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H&A Media Group has developed projects for hundreds of clients including AAA, Hertz, DirecTV, Sheraton Hotels, NavyPier, Pro Football Hall of Fame and numerous travel associations. Read what some of them have to say about us.


"AAA - the ultimate advertising road trip for my destination marketing firm clients! Along the way, we've experienced placement alongside relevant content, multi-faceted online integration and tangible ROI!"

-Shar Scanlon, Ad Success
Ad Success
"Our relationship with AAA magazines have given us an opportunity to not only attract visitors with our ad placements (qualified leads), they have contacted us regarding our local events and attractions for articles in their magazine.  It makes AAA magazines more than just a print ad media company for us."

-Terri Thiel-Executive Director, Dickinson CVB
Dickinson CVB
"The customers we get from AAA are very high quality." "When they sign up, they stay, they have a lifetime value and they're very profitable customers for us."

"We know the paid publications are a key driver in reaching the AAA member."

-Kevin Vas, Direct, Converge Direct
"Advertising with AAA magazines has been great. It is nice to work a familiar face as well as see such consistent presence from Jenny at industry events. I also appreciate all of the coop opportunities that have been offered."

-Nicole Holden - Director of Marketing, Fargo-Moorhead CVB
Fargo-Moorhead CVB
"We, at Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Commission truly appreciate the excellent service provided. We continue to advertise in AAA because we see results. Visitors call and say they've seen our ads in AAA publications and our hoteliers frequently mention that their guests have seen our ads as well. The relationship with our sales is excellent and we hope to continue it for years to come."

-Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Staff
"We have been advertising in the club publications for over 20 years and we look forward to continuing to do so."

"The club publications are the best way to reach the largest number of members."

"The club publications are a key channel in our marketing strategy for AAA."

-Hope Effross, Associate Manager at Hertz
"As a reader of several AAA magazines I know that the quality of the content is top notch - both interesting and informative. We partnered with another attraction and our local CVB to have a larger advertising presence and we've been very pleased with the response to our ad.  AAA's readership is a great match to our target market and we can't wait to try other advertising opportunities offered by AAA."

-National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum
"CA has always been a high origin market for Plymouth Massachusetts. Always in the top 10! When we market in CA with AAA we see our already strong numbers increase a full 12%. Since we saw that increase we have been faithful to not only that high origin market but others such as Texas, New York and others. AAA is always in our marketing plan"

-Plymouth County CVB
Plymouth County CVB

We work with some of the biggest names in the country!

We work with some of the biggest names in the country!


Here is a sampling of publishing awards H&A Media Group has won in recent years.

Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association's Allied Member of the Year Award
The Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association's Allied Members who have been an active partner in Ohio's Lodging industry are considered for this award. This year's Allied Member of the Year award was presented at the Awards luncheon to AAA Home and Away Magazine's Matt Robertson. AAA Home and Away Magazine was voted by OHLA's members as an example of leadership and guidance in the industry.

APEX Award for excellence in graphic design and editorial content for a January/February issue of Home & Away

Multiple MarCom Awards:
Platinum Award for design of a July/August AAA Journeys tablet edition
Platinum Award for editorial content in a September/October issue of Home & Away
Platinum Award for the AAA Journeys website
Gold Award for the AAA Journey's eJourneys, its e-newsletter
Gold Award for design for a September/October issue of Home & Away
Gold Award for AAA Journeys Magazine
Gold Award for AAA Journeys mobile site
Gold Award for design for a March/April AAA Journeys tablet edition
MarCom Awards