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Custom Technology

H&A Media Group manages all of its own backend operations. Through the years we have partnered with software developers to meet our needs.

We can now provide this custom technology to our customers.


H&A Media Group has devoted considerable financial resources to the development of its latest backend system, called M.A.R.S. (Marketing Accounting Receivables System). The new system is available for lease to other companies with similar needs.

M.A.R.S. offers these advantages:
Complete turn-key system
Easily customizable
Reasonable lease fees
Extensive user support and training

Work Order System

H&A Media Group has also developed a robust Work Order System (WOS). The system is perfect for advertising agencies and publishing companies.

The WOS offers these advantages:
Complete turn-key system
Tracks time worked and hours to bill
Sophisticated automatic email notifications
Reasonable lease fees.

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