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white space - an ad ops showcase
Welcome to White Space.
White Space is a periodic showcase of advertising ideas, opportunities and creative worth sharing. The aspiration is to provide inspiration by sharing universal solutions or unique concepts to sales members and advertisers of The World-Herald and

2-sided medium rectanble
Two-sided Medium Rectangle
After you click here, move your mouse over the medium rectangle. This is a two-sided ad which means it has twice the space. The animation is smooth, professional and non-intrusive. Because the ad is rich media, it can have more than one click-thru destination.

This ad type is ideal for lists: event schedules or dates, open-houses or real estate listings, sale items, recipes or grocery list, or it can be as simple as a single featured item or a coupon. Because this ad type has never been sold, a spec would need to be made for testing and pricing.

Landing Page Example
This year several people gave constructive feedback on our web page. The goal was to increase ease of functionality with an emphasis on the mobile experience. The web page has an interactive map built with Google maps. Each listing has an expand/collapse feature with details about their event and a link for directions. Plus, all phone numbers are click-to-call.

This type landing page can be utilized in conjunction with a theme page, business group, downtown merchants association or participants of an event. Please take into consideration the time allotment for constructing a page similar to this in relation to your publication date.

HyVee Zip Card
Zip Cards
During the presentation efforts to retain HyVee as a continued advertiser, a zip card spec was produced. This example is a reminder of how effective and professional our zip card inserts can be.

Even when printed on a card stock with a bleed, zip cards are still more cost-effective than direct mail. And don’t forget, our print subscribers and our readers are one of the most sought-after demographics: affluent, well-educated, high homeownership with a higher-than-average disposable income.